It has come to our attention that there are some private sellers on eBay and some cycling forums advertising some TT bars claiming to be similar to the ADR Ultimate TT bars - These are NOT the same as the ADR Ultimate bars. They are similar in design but they are not the same model!

Please be aware that if you buy an unbranded product from a private seller through whatever medium - including auction sites and websites offering a 'shop' facility without them being a registered business you are NOT covered under ANY warranty or insurance should anything happen to you or the product itself during it's use. 

No Manufacturer's warranty transfer and under UK law all responsibility ends from the seller when
you make the private purchase. 
When making a private transaction please be aware of the following legal term:

'Caveat Emptor'
1. The principle that the buyer alone is responsible for checking the quality and suitability of goods before a purchase is made.


All ADR Carbon products go through a strict quality control prior to sale and at the point of despatch and are covered under warranty explained in our warranties section.


ADR Carbon Ltd is a registered company in England & Wales Co Reg Number: 8059462

In October 2013 Gerry Bowditch (NTFO) won the World Masters Points race on his ADR Nero Track Bike.


Here is a few paragraphs from Gerry:


Gerry Bowditch 43 riding the Masters 40-45 category:

Having got 2 medals at the British Masters track championships and 3 medals at the Europeans, the top step on the podium had eluded me.

I was riding a Felt TK2 which is a pretty standard set up Alloy frame and had been thinking about upgrading all season.

At the beginning of the season I had set my season as being in top shape for the Worlds and acquired a specific training programme, borrowed some quick wheels , cut out the Beer and Treats (well nearly) and was just looking for that extra little bit.

At the LVRC champs in September I was chatting to Jerry Cross who had an ADR Nero Track bike and was impressed with the all round look and design of the ADR.

By the Monday morning I had made contact with Scott @ ADR who was only too helpful, I was on a reasonably tight budget and we tailored what I wanted over a couple of emails.

The worlds were now only 2 weeks away and at the back of my mind was that this was way too late to be changing your bike.

Scott made sure I got the bike as early as possible and met him on route to a time trial in South Wales.

I knew I had 3 sessions on the track to get used to the bike before travelling to the worlds, so had to hit the rollers in my Lunch hours to get as much “get to know you” time on the bike.

The real bonus of the ADR is that it allows me to get a low pursuit position and my normal position with ease due to the dropped head tube design.

It’s always difficult to know how a bike is going to respond in a race environment and at that point this hadn’t been tested, thankfully this was a gamble worth taking.

The Individual Pursuit didn’t go to plan with a slower time than the Euros, but my legs had felt particularly blocked, finish 7th which was ok but was hoping for a faster time.

The next race was the Scratch race, qualified without any issue and come the final was all fired up for a ride and come the finale, I hit the front with 2 laps to go and the ADR responded. Not being a pure sprinter it had to be a long one and come the bell I was holding off the Argies in second place, I crossed the line in Bronze position which was a great booster for my favoured event the Points race.

The main event for me the Points race followed the next day, again qualified with ease taking a lap effortlessly. I changed my front wheel for the final to give me that little extra and it all came together scoring in three rounds and taking a lap to give me the World Championship win by 1 point.

There is no single part of the process that helped me achieve my 2 medals at the 2013 World Masters Championships but when you pull them all together it makes a huge difference.

There are a number of people who have contributed to this success and Scott and the ADR team are one of them.


ADR would like to congratulate Gerry on his World title and also his bronze medal.


Gerry Bowditch winning the World Masters Points race 2013 on his ADR Nero

James Gullen (Professional for Hope Racing) has been riding his Nero TT this year to great success recording some stunning times (18:30 for 10 miles!!!) and victories.


Here what James had to say:


Throughout the 2013 season I used the ADR Nero TT frame and ADR Ultimate TT bars to win open timetrials one of which a hillclimb, set 3 course records, complete three more 18 minute 10mile TT’s and finish 6th in a start studded National Championships in Glasgow.

The frame is stiff and light to ride making it ideal in the races which I enjoy which tend to be the fairly hilly technical type in which a bike needs to have a good all round ability. The stability helped by good geometry gives great confidence in corners but straight line speed is where the bike really comes into its own. Whether surging along a dual carriageway or sprinting up a small climb in a SPOCO TT the ADR Nero TT has been ideal.

To gain any possible advantage in a race I have to make sure my position is as aerodynamic as possible, this was achievable using the ADR Ultimate TT bars. Having used many high-end bars over the last few years I was yet to find an adjustable, light yet still aerodynamic aerobar however the Ultimate’s fit all these categories perfectly. The ability to move the pads and extensions in nearly all planes of movement coupled with still being able to stack the armrests as high as you want make the bars perfect for nearly all bikes when trying to get the most aerodynamic position.


Our resident fast man Mr Burns finished in the top 10 in both events entered riding our Gold special edition Nero track Frame.

9th in the 4km individual pursuit and 9th in the 1km Time Trial, not bad going for a time triallist. Well done Scott

Check out the video of Scott in the 1km Pursuit

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Aug 21 2012


Aero Dynamic Racing is a British brand specialising in high end carbon fibre bikes, wheels and bars at affordable prices.

ADR is the result of the collaboration of Scott Burns, a competitive time triallist who actively and regularly competes with top finishes around course’s in the country and Martin Bannerman a keen and competitive track and road cyclist.
Constantly frustrated by overpriced products, we went out to locate a better product and offer a better service, that held a new and innovative approach in the market.
We have one goal which is for you to perform your best for less
ADR source direct from manufacturers in the Far East, one of the main and biggest manufacturers of carbon cycling equipment and from factories producing frames for the biggest cycling brands in the world. ADR has carefully selected a handful of suppliers that we have deemed to pass the selection criteria that was set out
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