ADR Ultimate TT Bars


The ADR Ultimate TT bars are exactly that... They are the Ultimate cockpit for your Time Trial or Triathlon bike.

We wanted to market a bar that had the tri bars that 'stacked' separately to the base bar so that people could buy as an aftermarket upgrade rather than having to spend £7000 on a superbike that you get the bars included.

Our first bars - the Ultra TT (no longer available)  proved extremely popular due to their low weight and excellent aerodynamics but we wanted to offer a different bar that also gave our customers adjustability.

With more and more bikes on the market offering 'aggressive' positions, the best way to achieve a comfortable but aerodynamic position is to raise the armpads and tribars away from the dirty airflow caused by your hands. This means clean air flows smoothly over the base bar.

Specifications for our Ultimate TT bar include:

  • Stackable Tri bar/Pads - Complete with 10mm and 20mm risers
  • Minimum stack height (base bar to arm pad) - 45mm
  • Stack heights can be 45mm, 55mm, 65mm and 75mm with supplied risers
  • Extra riser kits available soon to increase stack to 85mm, 95mm and 105mm (All bolts included)
  • Standard 22mm tri bar clamps so your favourite bars can be used
  • Length adjustable Tri bars
  • Width/Reach adjustable Arm rest Pads
  • UCI Legal 3:1 aspect
  • 42cm base bar
  • Slight drop on Base bar
  • Internal cable routing
  • Di2 compatible
  • Low weight - 600grams
  • Standard 31.8mm clamping section so standard stems can be used (Max width of front stem cap is 44mm)


First design drafts of the bars looked like this....



With a total weight of 600g we are extremely confident that this bar will lighten up most front ends as well as offering the ultimate in aerodynamics and adjustability.

We believe that the Ultimate TT bar is the only bar you will ever need and you will transfer them from bike to bike as you'll wonder how you ever rode without them!

 Please see this important blog post regarding the Ultimate TT Bars:

Order yours now from us - shop with confidence! Don't take a chance on 'similar' models from 'pop-up' suppliers elsewhere with no guarantees and no company insurance.

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Total cost for the Bars and shipping is £373.49

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